Hello my little chickadees & welcome to Bunk Beds for Cats, this is my little slice of the internet where I rant about life, sooth my obsessive shopaholic streaks, share my beauty tips and personal style and when my poor student lifestyle allows it, some travel posts.
So a bit about me, my name is Amy Raeburn, I am 22 years old and live between my cosy home in Surrey, just South of London and my student digs in beautiful Bath. Where I study History. Cause I'm a nerd.

For those of you, who I am sure are intrigued to know just where the name 'Bunk Beds for Cats' came from, I honestly don't have much of an answer for you I'm afraid. After meaning to set up a blog for the longest time -to avoid filling all my notebooks with endless ramblings (organised mind, organised life) I sat around with my lovely little brother- aka, my biggest fan, for hours trying to come up with a name and then, my eccentric mother walked in with 'Bunk Beds for Cats', it kind of stuck (thanks Hels.)
You can follow me over on Instagram and Twitter to see what I get up to day-to-day and come subscribe over on my YouTube channel to see all my latest hauls and stop by for a chat. Any questions are happily received if you tap my lil email icon on the right.

Ciao loves.


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