Thursday, 1 February 2018

Bunk Beds- A Renewal

Recently I have been thinking a lot about my little slice of the internet. Despite a significant lack of published posts, I frequently sit on my laptop writing endlessly for draft posts and never actually post them (there are 60 of them- whoops). For a long time I wanted my website to be personal to me and an outlet for my emotions and thoughts, I felt as though I didn't want to put out content that would place me, or the people I love, in a vulnerable position. (And, more often than not, my thoughts are utter incoherent ramblings). As someone who loves to write, explore and share their experiences I have found myself to be somewhat of a contradiction, in my crippling fear of irrelevance and judgement from my loved ones (I swear anyone over 30 in my life really doesn't understand social media...). But, this year, after a heck of a load of work, crying and support, my head is in a significantly better place and I have had a 'Fuck It' revelation. I figure it doesn't really matter why, how, or even if, people engage with my content; I write for me, I always have done.
And so, now I have finished binge watching Peaky Blinders (honestly if you haven't seen it what are you doing?!) and am entering the most stressful stage of my life as a third year university student, I have made the decision to renew my blog/insta/youtube. Although time is scarce this year and stress levels are high, I figure that instead of being dependent on bottles of gin & my Netflix account to relax me, I will once again return to photos, writing and videos as coping mechanisms (wish me luck).
So, if you're still here from before- thank you for your patience, and if you're new- welcome, I'm sending you all lots of warm internet hugs. I hope you find something amongst my content for you.

(Just want to say a massive thank you to ma main peeps who have been constantly nagging me to start this back up again; my beautiful cousin Emma- that little notebook has set this whole thing rolling again! My older brother Matty, who actually just started up his own blog with his girlfriend about gluten-free life in the Cotswolds. And finally, my biggest and most unrelenting fan, my baby brother, Tobs, let's face it this is all down to you kiddo, you tha best.)

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  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY THE BLOGGING BABE IS BACK! Fill that notebook ;) proud of you and always your cheerleader with anything life (including those awful got this girl!) Love you loads xxxx


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