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Las Vegas | Stop Three | Travel

Road Trip West Coast USA | Stop Three | Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas.
When we rocked up in Vegas I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. The fact I wasn't 21 yet bummed me out. However, having had loads of chats with my other travel buddies (who too, went to Vegas underage) I was assured that I would not be bored. And oh boy, were they right.
I feel like I do have to put in a little disclaimer here, this is a marmite city. I absolutely adored the atmosphere, the tackiness and the whole package. However, it left a bit of a bad taste in my mums mouth- she much prefers walking round ancient cities full of culture and history (don't get me wrong I adore that too) so the money-sucking 'culture' of Vegas was a bit of a miss with her. But, she's old and boring (sorry mumma, I kid). It's a city that will either make you fall in love and relish in every flyer shoved in your hand, or you'll reject Las Vegas and choke on all the gaudy interiors it has to offer.
Inside Vegas' Paris hotel
So, what is there to actually do in Vegas if you can't join in the generic booze-fuelled casino life? Honestly, quite a lot. If you're here for a short time you will 100% not run out of things to do; from wandering around the hotels, shopping, seeing a show, lazing by the pool or popping into a gun range  you experiences aren't horrifically limited if your passport doesn't quite reach 21.
Of course when everyone goes to Las Vegas, they meander over to see one of the most famous national parks in the world; The Grand Canyon. There are endless packages to chose from, all, of course, incredible. But worry not- I'll be talking all things Grand Canyon-y in my next blog post (with loads of awesome pictures of rocks.)
*Sneaky Preview* apologies, I just couldn't help myself
But, let's be honest, no one reaaaaally comes to Vegas to marvel at mother nature, most of us flock to Sin City to revel in the delights of the man made casinos, hotels and incredible shows (no, not those kind of shows you cheeky devil.) There is, what feels like, an unlimited number of things to do in Las Vegas. The hotels in themselves hold shopping malls at least 4 times larger than the standard ones in the UK. If you're a shopping addict (like me) you could happily spend days wandering through the forum shops of Caesars Palace dipping into their high end shops (dreaming) and grabbing lunch then gawping at their exotic fish aquariums and watching their hourly whacky shows. Shopping just isn't simply shopping in Vegas, it is a whole experience in itself.
Yes, this is actually what the hotels look like inside, I don't think it's just me that finds this so mental? I mean whaaaat?! It is literally Disneyland for adults!
Of course shopping is not the be all and end all. There are some activities for all the boys out there,  there are a huge number of gun ranges offering various packages for an adrenaline and testosterone fuelled adventure. And yes, I do have to say here, I don't agree with Vegas' (or America in general) gun laws and I actually found this experience disturbing how easy it was to get your hands on a gun, showing no form of identification. As a matter of principal I chose not to shoot a gun but I did go in and watch the rest of the family (also not a nice experience if your jumpy around loud noises or have a crippling fear of guns).
Oh the night life in Vegas, it is simply legendary. Firstly it's amazing walking down the strip at midnight and still feeling the 30 degree weather. Oh England it puts you to shame, it really does. If you don't fancy taking in the humourous antics of drunken hen and stag dos stumbling down the strip from club to club, casino to casino, there are a huge number of shows you can grab tickets for. Whether it's a 'dreamboy'-esque strip show, a beauty pageant, theatre tickets or a good old dance show that you're after, Vegas will cater for you.
Whilst we were here, we decided to view one of the famous Cirque du Soleil shows. However, given that it was Las Vegas, this naturally still did not manage to limit it down to one show. Oh no, Cirque du Soleil has not one show in this city, but seven shows to choose from- Where. To. Start. We opted for the one in our hotel 'KÀ' which was just phenomenal. If you've ever seen one of their performances before I'm sure you'll know how absolutely stunning these shows are. The shows here range across lots of different themes; from Beatles and Michael Jackson performances to underwater performances and even cheeky ones for 18+. So it's safe to say, even if you can't enjoy the after-sun, 21 & overs, delights in Vegas' casinos and nightclubs, you can still find plenty of family-friendly shows and activities once the suns set.
Unfortunately we didn't get many days in Vegas, and due to my underage status, I can't give you guys any reviews on the clubs or casinos. Short but sweet is probably the best way I could describe our visit. But there is no doubt in my mind I will be returning to Sin city as soon as I'm able (got enough money...)

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