Friday, 28 August 2015

All About That Flying Business | Travel

Yep, this happened.
Ticking off a massive item on my bucket list for my 20th birthday, flying business class.
In all honesty, feels like a bit of a daydream, people like me don't belong in places like this. But, champagne has a way of getting you through most situations. So kiss goodbye to luke warm plane food, being wedged into upright seats like oversized sardines and say hello to endless alcohol, free blankets and the possibility of actually being able to sleep.

Like mother, like daughter...

There's not really much to say about this whole experience, other than it's as awesome as you'd think it would be. Everyone is extremely attentive towards you and the food is aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh-mazing. I have been so extremely lucky to be able to fly this way, how will I ever go back to economy seating! And I would recommend if it's within your budget just try it the one time, pretend you're a rockstar and don't hold back on the champers!
(Also BA have the nicest flight crew- ever. Because it was dads 50th they so kindly offered us a bottle of Tattinger champagne, even after he'd rinsed them of their gin!)
I thought I'd just pop some photos in here for you to have a cheeky glimpse at the food, if you have any questions pop them below!


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