Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My New Make Up Bag & Essentials | Beauty

I've been running a bit empty on the make up front so decided to grab some bits from Boots the other day and my eye caught this super cute Ted Baker make up bag reduced to £3.50 (bargain!). So naturally I grabbed it and a bunch of goodies to fill it with!
So £40 later and I decided to do a blog post on my make up essentials, the bits I'm restocking and some new additions to my make up bag.

I'm so excited about this primer, when it comes to primer I swear by Porefessional but I have heard such good things about this little gem so I decided to give it a whirl. So far a few days in, I'm loving it, I really wanted that summer glow and this is definitely achieving it! I am finding my make up isn't staying as well and for as long as it does normally though.

So whilst I was perusing L'Oreal's lumi magique range buying my primer I saw this concealer in the corner of my eye, since I have used up all my YSL Touche Eclat I thought instead of forking out £20 I'd try out some high street alternatives and see how I got on with them. I loved the packaging on this, it reminded me of my YSL love, but it was also rose gold, so yay. I have to say though after a few days of using this I'm not actually overly impressed with it, the coverage is a bit thin and it doesn't illuminate at all, just blends into the background really (maybe because I'm so pale). I don't think I'll be picking this up again but I'm keen to find a high street dupe so let me know if you may know of one!

I use this powder aaaaaall the time, I love the coverage and although I know it's not for everyone, but it's just so quick and easy I will always have one close to hand when the dreaded acne makes a reappearance. Unfortunately there isn't actually a shade of this that's pale enough for me, but I get the palest one I can and then have to consequently fake tan to be the same colour as my face.

Another foundation that I live by. Between this and my Bourjois Healthy Mix I won't touch another foundation. My Healthy Mix foundation is great for lighter days but as a sufferer of occasional, dreaded, shameful acne I always need a foundation that can offer me a lot more coverage and boy does this foundation do that- but surprisingly feels so lightweight and doesn't get that cakey look we all avoid! The thing I love the most about this foundation is that after a particularly messy night out when I forget to grab a face wipe I don't wake up with a breakout and a week of punishment from my skin. 

I love these Maybelline cream shadows just as a base to start working my shadow on. I hadn't yet got these colours into my collection which is shocking as I love a bronze smokey eye. So I picked these bad boys up and I can't wait to play around with the pink one and see what kind of look can be achieved.

My favourite lip liner ever. I mean ever. And this combined with my cheeky purchase below have made for my favourite lip combo. This is the nude shade and the colouring is spot on for my skin tone. I will always have one.. Or 5 of these creeping about in my lip pot.

I finally bought it, this lipstick has featured in two of my wishlists now and I finally found it in stock. Happy days! I love it, I practically haven't taken it off of my lips. I would recommend this highly to anyone, I am definitely going to go and pick it up in every colour.

See you lovelies in my next post.
               - Ams xo

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