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18 things you learn whilst interrailing | Travel

Last summer I went interrailing with my best friend and my cousin Emma (who I'm sure you've already seen pop up in my travel posts) and recently as Spring is rolling in, I've been reminiscing over our adventures and jotting down all our memories and things we learnt along the way, so I thought I'd pop down 18 things that we learnt whilst interrailing in a blog post to share our adventures with you guys and give you some inspiration to book your own ticket!
  1. Vending machines are like some sort of ritual. 5 countries in and you may find that your eins' and your une's get mixed up and you say thank you in about 7 different languages before you finally get it right and yet still managing to mispronounce eeeeverything. And so, the humble vending machine will come to your rescue saving you from any human interaction whatsoever. I know it's not exactly in the spirit of travelling and meeting people- but still, when your hanging out your bum and just need some energy to keep you going its a god send. (thank you London for bringing these into our lives all those years ago). 
  2. You are not as fit as you think. Believe me. After hiking up to the top of every tower and hill to get that panoramic shot of the whole city that you simply cannot leave without, you begin to realise that your body mass is a lot heavier than you previously thought. Consequently, every time you see a stunning 30 degree steep hill- you begin the internal battle, the carnal urge to get that perfect photo that is, simply, the only thing in the world to capture the amazing time you're having here, and then the fact that once you're at the top, your legs will be screaming at you, face bright red and dripping in, yes, more sweat.
  3. Lace knickers are made by the devil and Sudocrem was sent by God as an apology for letting these awful inventions exist.
  4. You will want to propose to Dr Scholl and his plasters.
  5. Whether you think it will or not, the amazing novelty of 'omg I'm in this incredible country' will die off once you're about 7 cities in and all you want is a lay in and a big plate of your mums cooking. (Of course this feeling will only last until you step out of the hostel and then the whole 'omg we made it to Rome, it's so beautiful omg omg omg' feeling kicks in)
  6. You will have a more roller-coaster relationship with your backpack than with most guys you've dated.
  7. Putting wet clothes into your dry bag is a bad idea, a bad bad idea. I smelt like a wet dog for about 2 weeks. Mmm-mm fresh.
  8. You will never experience that 'I have nothing to wear' feeling that you do back home, because, well, you really do have nothing to wear.
  9. Food is incredible.
  10. Everyone outside of London is incredibly nice and genuinely does want to help, not just shout at people.
  11. Italians will treat you like family.
  12. If you go travelling with someone else, you will definitely become so in sync that you both simultaneously start hunting for cocktails and jazz bars without even communicating with one another. You will also instantly recognise 'the bitch face' formed from lack of sleep, too much alcohol and pure exhaustion.
  13. It's always polite to even attempt to speak the countries language, even if it means French slips out when you're attempting German - it's the thought that counts.
  14. Did I mention, food is incredible.
  15. Having clean clothes is the happiest feeling you could ever have, of course, next to lazing about on a beach in Cannes, eyeing up tall, dark, chiselled men from behind your sunglasses. I mean come on- can life get much better?
  16. You will never complain about train times in London ever again, in Europe everything is running late, yes even in Germany (3 hours late for our connection in Warsaw.. Fab..)
  17. Last minute hotel bookings are aaaaaaaah-mazing, they can grab you beautiful rooms for even less than a hostel would cost (get in)
  18. Travelling is actually a lot cheaper than you think it might be, what with England being ridiculously expensive, you will find things such as food and accommodation surprisingly cheap (especially in Spain, wine is actually cheaper than water, is this heaven? I think so)
Check out Emma & her lovely housemates blog over here for a bit of indulgence in the form of cocktails and yummy cake recipes (oh yes, my guilty pleasure.)
Catch you later my little chickadees.

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