Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Amazing Eyelashes at a High Street Price | Beauty

Mascara is something we all struggle with getting to grips with, that is, of course, if you don't have ridiculously long amazing eyelashes that touch your eyebrows (try not to be bitter Ams). Every day at work I get people constantly asking me what mascara they should be wearing, and honestly you know, it's different for everyone, it's different for you on different days! Mascara eludes us all my friends. Do you want a mascara that does volume or length? Obviously we want both- no brainer right!? Well I don't want to have to buy two mascaras! Not when pay day is a lifetime away. No no no.
Well. Bourjois thought of this, they know we want a brush that's spaced out to give you length and one that's also got bristles super close together to get that beautiful volume. They know this. They heard our cries. And they have answered them. Presenting 'twist up the volume' two mascara brushes in one neat little contraption yayayayay!

I do a happy dance every time I use this magical mascara. It is basically just one brush but when you twist the White thingy(?!) at the end of the lid the brush changes. Yep. Changes. It transforms from this wonderful lengthening brush to a lovely bunch of volumising bristles. Ah love at first sight. Now the mascara formula itself- can't complain, bourjois always get this right, really black beautiful colour, doesn't clump and is so build able! The mascara will last all day without flaking or panda eyes. One thing you will find with this product is you will get through it so unbelievably quickly! It's an 8ml tube which is nothing small in comparison to what you'll normally get in a mascara tube, but because it's just so damn amazing you will use it every single day I promise you this! So really.. Well it's flawless? Go grab one right now. Best drug store mascara you will have ever owned! (at least, until I find a new one that'll blow your minds!)

Brush for volume
Brush for Length

I figured I should probably pop in a cheeky selfie so you can see what the mascara looks like on. Apologies it's not really a selfie, more of a pixelated photo of my eye from a selfie from a make up look I was trying a few weeks ago- ive been laid up in bed pretty ill over xmas and haven't even thought about picking up a mirror! (Dreadful- I know!) 

Let me know if you have a mascara that can rival this little gem!

Catch you later!
-ams xo


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