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San Francisco | Stop One | Travel

Road Trip West Coast USA | Stop One | San Francisco
For my dads 50th my mum planned an amazing tour of the West Coast USA, and (a fair while later, I have put all the varying stops into some blog posts for you to check out!)
Stop one on our road trip of the West Coast was none other than San Francisco, and in all honesty I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The only preconception I had formed, was pieced together from endless films watching the city of San Francisco being destroyed (seriously though, what is up with that?!) and, of course, originated from religiously watching The Princess Diaries. Back in the day when I was absolutely determined I had been born into the wrong family, and my true parents were royalty, sitting out on a tropical island somewhere, waiting for me to come back to them. Yeah, seriously. Don't pretend like you haven't dreamt the same thing.
I have always considered that the best way of travelling; arrive at a country with limited knowledge/expectations and you're bound to be blown away/pleasantly surprised. Clearly, you reading this, have either already visited San Fran, or don't agree with me and are trying to gain some background knowledge- fair enough. That's why I write for you lovely folks.
So, in a summary for you all, I would describe San Francisco as Brighton, but really big, like, on steroids big. Obviously, this will only make sense to you Brits, that have ventured to the icy waters of our South Coast. So, for those of you who are all, 'Brighton what now?!'- basically, it has a very laid back vibe, very large gay community, hippys scattered everywheeeere (not joking- it's hard to differentiate between them and the homeless people, especially on Hait Street). And you will, most likely, be able to smell a certain 'herb' down nearly every street- you know the herb I'm on about.
But there is more to this city than it's peace loving, easy going vibes. It is easily the most culturally diverse city I have ever been in, especially with it having the largest Chinese population outside of Asia. That's mental. Definitely check out China Town if you have the time- I hear the food is increeeedible. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to swing by there, there is just way too much to do!

Our Itinerary 

We arrived in this lovely city at around 5pm on the 8th July, 14 hour flight completed (in complete luxury nonetheless) feeling jet lagged out of our minds after no sleep for around 32 hours. We dragged ourselves to a Mel's diner just around the corner- gotta love a good hamburger and milkshake on a jet lagged tummy. No shame in saying we ate, checked into our hotel and completely conked out ready for the day of exploring to come.
We stayed in a rather nice hotel, Hotel Zelos, by union square, it was quirky and lovely and the restaurant (Dirty Habit) did the yummiest breakfast. It was a stones throw from the end of the cable car line (Powel-Manson Line) it was surrounded by shops & nestled right in the centre of all the restaurants. You could walk out the hotel and keep walking right in a straight line (everywhere in america is straight) for around 20 minutes, but don't worry, no hills this way- how very surprising for San Francisco. And end up by the coast where the Bay Bridge touches shore. (restaurant reccomendation here!)
The way I see it, there's really two places that you want to be staying at if you're being a classic tourist in this lovely city, firstly, around Union Square where we were based, great for you shopaholics and city lovers, or, and if I'm quite honest, personal preference would have placed me better here, down by Fishermans Wharf.
We spent 5 days in San Francisco which was absolutely enough time for us, and with hindsight we would have perhaps cut down time spent here and spent longer at (my favourite place in the entire world) Yosemite. We got tour bus tickets because, whenever arriving in a new city I always think it's nice to get a bus around to get an over all feel of a city and pick out the bits you want to explore further. 
9th July- First day, we strolled (definitely more like hiked) from Union Square to Fishermans Wharf through the outskirts of China Town. We picked up our tickets for the tour bus and took the first bus out across the Golden Gate Bridge. After doing our fantastic modelling poses on the cable cars.
 By the way- weather was awful. Low lying clouds apparently, not rain, either way my hair was soaked.. I do love a cheeky tour bus even when the weather is dire, and I have to say the tour guides were hilarious. The views from the Golden Gate Bridge were literally just clouds upon clouds upon clouds so later on in the week we decided to make the same trip when the weather was a little brighter.
After a few hours cruising around the area of The Golden Gate Bridge, we found ourselves soaked, freezing our butts off and wondering why we had got on a plane for 14 hours to revel in the delights of a weather forecast much gloomier than back home in rainy England. And in need of some cheering up we opted for a big meal at one of the many restaurants lurking around Fisherman's Wharf. The good thing about San Francisco is, wherever you eat it is bound to be amazing, all the seafood is unbelievably fresh and boy oh boy, you can taste the difference.
Dad loving his crab bib.
We rounded off our first day taking the second tour bus route through downtown and then jumping off at Pier 39 to, surprise surprise, find some Sea Lions. There were signs leading up to the viewing dock saying that due to breeding season we were unlikely to see any of these cute little blubber butts. But they totally knew we were coming and saw not one but four of these little (big) cuties.
After much shopping (basically trying on loads of ridiculous hats) we were collectively shattered so caught the cable car back to our hotel.
10th July- Today was Alcatraz day. And if you're ever planning to get to Alcatraz when visiting San Francisco, book well in advance. It gets busy very quickly and the only way we managed to secure tickets was through the company we did the tour bus with. We caught the cable car and headed down to Fisherman's Wharf again and had a stroll amongst all the old boats docked up before meandering over to pier 33 to catch our boat from the mainland to The Rock armed with ice cream.
 Alcatraz smells so bad first off. There's no sewage connection and you can tell this before you've even trod a foot on the island. But bad smells aside, it is well worth a visit, jam packed full of history, not just as a maximum security prison but also as a military fort and a site of a Native American occupation.
After trekking round Alcatraz for hours walking in the footsteps of convicts such as Al Capone and the Birdman, we headed back to shore and hiked up and down endless hills on the hunt of the famous Lombard Street. It was a super trek, but it makes you feel less guilty about stuffing your face with all the American goodness.

11th July- Next stint on the tour bus, we took it out of the busy streets of central San Francisco through the Golden Gate Park along Baker beach and by the Sutro Baths and the Cliff House. It was so beautiful and interesting to see the old architecture that wasn't destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. We stopped off in the park and visited the California Academy of Sciences and briefly watched a show in the Korean festival they were hosting outside. Definitely recommend a trip to this little corner of San Francisco and try to stop by the Japanese Tea Gardens if you can.
View of the Sutra Baths
Osher Rainforest inside the California Acadamy of Sciences
Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe afterwards (don't judge I was so excited, I've never eaten here before..)
12th July- Papa Ray Rays 50th! We used our last day on the tourbus' to go back across the Golden Gate Bridge one last time (so we could actually see something this time). There were heavy delays on the roads so it took us about 4 times longer to complete the journey, not that it was a burden with the sun shining, good company and a very amusing driver.
Once returned from our bus journey we wandered around Fisherman's Wharf for the last time, and me being the history nerd I am I  dragged everyone to look round the WW2 submarine, the USS Pampanito. Wasn't the wisest choice what with me being claustrophobic and my mum getting horrendously sea sick as soon as she so much looks at a boat. Was still super interesting but, never again...
 After being mentally scarred by our trip round the submarine, we popped into the Musee Mechanique which was part totally awesome, part totally creepy, and part totally politically incorrect. It's basically a huuuuge warehouse type structure full of antique arcade games (& some relatively new ones too) it's got everything from Laughing Sal (creepy, so creepy) to fortune tellers and shooting games. I got my palm read (definitely inaccurate but makes a nice keep sake).
Aaaaaaaand, my favourite achievement from our trip to San Francisco, I found the arm wrestling machine Julia Roberts had her paws all over in the Princess Diaries. Pretty cool right. Also, if any of you have seen the film you'll see she beat the machine- definitely can't have done, I'm not very strong but even my very well built brothers and dad struggled to win against this one (on the easiest setting!!)
 Finally to round off our last day in San Francisco and celebrate dads 50th in the best Raeburn fashion (with good food) we had tracked down and booked a table at theeeeee best restaurant I may have ever eaten in; The Epic Steak. With views overlooking the Bay Bridge and food to absolutely die for we probably couldn't have had a better evening anywhere else. The only thing I didn't like about this restaurant was if you're under 21 there is not a massive selection for you to be drinking. They don't offer any fruit juices or fizzy drinks but they do their own virgin cocktails that are all 'savoury-tasting' I guess. They like the drinks to compliment the food, which they did do very well, but normally I only drink bitter things if they come in the form of alcohol, but seeing as that wasn't an option for me, I was adventurous and sampled one of the cocktails, whilst Toby stuck to water. Don't get me wrong though- if you'd have asked for a coke or an apple juice or whatever, I have no doubts they would have done everything they could to meet your requirements. Waiting staff in England it's just not the same. I don't know what it is, but our whole time away, never encountered a bad waiter- not ever.

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Croyde Bay | Travel

I always seem to end up with copious amounts of photos floating about on my phone after every annual trip down to Croyde, so instead of putting the select few on social network platforms I mashed them all into a time-lapse-esque video to document our lovely little week away. Gosh ain't we adorable.

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15 reasons why working in retail sucks | Life

  1. One minute until close, customers will manage to sneak in undetected and then proceed to spend about 20 minutes asking you about hair products - why not, I mean you might as well live here right? It's not like you have a home to get back to or a night out planned or anything. Missing your bus? Nah not a big deal. As long as they find the perfect conditi... Oh wait, no, nope they're not buying anything. Of course not. Screw. You.
  2. You can only say pardon so many times. JUST SPEAK UP MAN. 
  3. Customers will personally blame you for being more expensive than the shop down the road, I mean, seriously?! Surely the chipped nail varnish, scuffed shoes & fact that I stand behind a till all day listening to you, is some sort of indication that no, I do not in fact own a chain of shops and set the prices. Soz babes. But by all means I'll point you over to our cheaper-own-brand-product that does the exact same thing, no? Not good enough? I thought so.
  4. "This is outrageous! You never sell the product I want, this has happened too many times now, I'm going to complain to the directors." Yeah. Actual quote there. I mean obviously us lowly shop assistants are the exact person in this circumstance that all your anger should be directed towards. Of course! I mean how dare I decide that the store isn't big enough to stock aaaaall of L'Oreal's skincare range, you should definitely mention my name when complaining, I mean I personally told the big boss man to not send that item in here. 
  6. Sarky comments when you ask if someone wants a bag. You can't win; you don't ask and just assume, and they'll whip out a bag out of their pocket and tut at you for wanting to kill the environment. Or, you politely ask if they would like a bag for their purchases and they shoot back with an insult about how they're 'obviously not going to carry it out on my head' yeah, nice one, original mate. 
  7. You feel extremely responsible for killing the world. Now days when packaging comes in packaging comes in packaging, at the end of every shift you see a mountain of cardboard and plastic wrappings and can't help but feel that lump in your throat for all those trees that died to bring that Samantha girl her new pair of shoes.
  8. You could easily spend H O U R S tidying up sections of the shop, just to wander back over at the end of the day and see that people have made the decision your display is theeeee most perfect place to leave their half drunk Starbucks
  9. Screaming children. Constantly.
  10. "I saw this new thing on TV it's supposed to be really great, where is it?" "Well, do you know the brand?" "No.." "Do you know what it does?.." "No.." OH WELL GREAT THEN. I'll just spend the afternoon with you going through every product we sell until it reminds you of the advertisement that caught your eye shall I.  Oh, you're mad I don't know what it is? Well, that would be because I wasn't sitting on your couch with you last night watching Gogglebox.
  11. Working Weekends. It is inevitable, and your turn is bound to fall on the day you had reserved for hangovers and Netflix. Now you have to drag yourself into that busy Saturday shift and attempt not to breathe on anyone to save them a nostril full of stale alcohol.
  12. Being constantly told to smile. By your manager. By your customers. By your colleagues. You don't know me. You don't know what I've been through.
  13. People don't so much as look at you half the time. If someone actually treats you like a human and ask how your days going, you slip into a state of shock. Me...? You're talking to me...?
  14. You have to watch endless mundane training videos "If someone is wagging their finger at you and displaying a stressed tone in a raised voice, they're probably angry" No way, seriously? I had no idea until that extremely informative exercise.
  15. No matter how bad your mood is, how rude customers have been, how sanctimonious your boss has been acting, you have to consistently smile, take it on the chin and be forever polite. Back chat is just not an option, unless you can live without your minimum wage.
But all you customer assistants, you just remember, as crappy as it gets, at least you're not waiting staff. God they've got it rough.


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All About That Flying Business | Travel

Yep, this happened.
Ticking off a massive item on my bucket list for my 20th birthday, flying business class.
In all honesty, feels like a bit of a daydream, people like me don't belong in places like this. But, champagne has a way of getting you through most situations. So kiss goodbye to luke warm plane food, being wedged into upright seats like oversized sardines and say hello to endless alcohol, free blankets and the possibility of actually being able to sleep.

Like mother, like daughter...

There's not really much to say about this whole experience, other than it's as awesome as you'd think it would be. Everyone is extremely attentive towards you and the food is aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh-mazing. I have been so extremely lucky to be able to fly this way, how will I ever go back to economy seating! And I would recommend if it's within your budget just try it the one time, pretend you're a rockstar and don't hold back on the champers!
(Also BA have the nicest flight crew- ever. Because it was dads 50th they so kindly offered us a bottle of Tattinger champagne, even after he'd rinsed them of their gin!)
I thought I'd just pop some photos in here for you to have a cheeky glimpse at the food, if you have any questions pop them below!


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18 things you learn whilst interrailing | Travel

Last summer I went interrailing with my best friend and my cousin Emma (who I'm sure you've already seen pop up in my travel posts) and recently as Spring is rolling in, I've been reminiscing over our adventures and jotting down all our memories and things we learnt along the way, so I thought I'd pop down 18 things that we learnt whilst interrailing in a blog post to share our adventures with you guys and give you some inspiration to book your own ticket!
  1. Vending machines are like some sort of ritual. 5 countries in and you may find that your eins' and your une's get mixed up and you say thank you in about 7 different languages before you finally get it right and yet still managing to mispronounce eeeeverything. And so, the humble vending machine will come to your rescue saving you from any human interaction whatsoever. I know it's not exactly in the spirit of travelling and meeting people- but still, when your hanging out your bum and just need some energy to keep you going its a god send. (thank you London for bringing these into our lives all those years ago). 
  2. You are not as fit as you think. Believe me. After hiking up to the top of every tower and hill to get that panoramic shot of the whole city that you simply cannot leave without, you begin to realise that your body mass is a lot heavier than you previously thought. Consequently, every time you see a stunning 30 degree steep hill- you begin the internal battle, the carnal urge to get that perfect photo that is, simply, the only thing in the world to capture the amazing time you're having here, and then the fact that once you're at the top, your legs will be screaming at you, face bright red and dripping in, yes, more sweat.
  3. Lace knickers are made by the devil and Sudocrem was sent by God as an apology for letting these awful inventions exist.
  4. You will want to propose to Dr Scholl and his plasters.
  5. Whether you think it will or not, the amazing novelty of 'omg I'm in this incredible country' will die off once you're about 7 cities in and all you want is a lay in and a big plate of your mums cooking. (Of course this feeling will only last until you step out of the hostel and then the whole 'omg we made it to Rome, it's so beautiful omg omg omg' feeling kicks in)
  6. You will have a more roller-coaster relationship with your backpack than with most guys you've dated.
  7. Putting wet clothes into your dry bag is a bad idea, a bad bad idea. I smelt like a wet dog for about 2 weeks. Mmm-mm fresh.
  8. You will never experience that 'I have nothing to wear' feeling that you do back home, because, well, you really do have nothing to wear.
  9. Food is incredible.
  10. Everyone outside of London is incredibly nice and genuinely does want to help, not just shout at people.
  11. Italians will treat you like family.
  12. If you go travelling with someone else, you will definitely become so in sync that you both simultaneously start hunting for cocktails and jazz bars without even communicating with one another. You will also instantly recognise 'the bitch face' formed from lack of sleep, too much alcohol and pure exhaustion.
  13. It's always polite to even attempt to speak the countries language, even if it means French slips out when you're attempting German - it's the thought that counts.
  14. Did I mention, food is incredible.
  15. Having clean clothes is the happiest feeling you could ever have, of course, next to lazing about on a beach in Cannes, eyeing up tall, dark, chiselled men from behind your sunglasses. I mean come on- can life get much better?
  16. You will never complain about train times in London ever again, in Europe everything is running late, yes even in Germany (3 hours late for our connection in Warsaw.. Fab..)
  17. Last minute hotel bookings are aaaaaaaah-mazing, they can grab you beautiful rooms for even less than a hostel would cost (get in)
  18. Travelling is actually a lot cheaper than you think it might be, what with England being ridiculously expensive, you will find things such as food and accommodation surprisingly cheap (especially in Spain, wine is actually cheaper than water, is this heaven? I think so)
Check out Emma & her lovely housemates blog over here for a bit of indulgence in the form of cocktails and yummy cake recipes (oh yes, my guilty pleasure.)
Catch you later my little chickadees.

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My New Make Up Bag & Essentials | Beauty

I've been running a bit empty on the make up front so decided to grab some bits from Boots the other day and my eye caught this super cute Ted Baker make up bag reduced to £3.50 (bargain!). So naturally I grabbed it and a bunch of goodies to fill it with!
So £40 later and I decided to do a blog post on my make up essentials, the bits I'm restocking and some new additions to my make up bag.

I'm so excited about this primer, when it comes to primer I swear by Porefessional but I have heard such good things about this little gem so I decided to give it a whirl. So far a few days in, I'm loving it, I really wanted that summer glow and this is definitely achieving it! I am finding my make up isn't staying as well and for as long as it does normally though.

So whilst I was perusing L'Oreal's lumi magique range buying my primer I saw this concealer in the corner of my eye, since I have used up all my YSL Touche Eclat I thought instead of forking out £20 I'd try out some high street alternatives and see how I got on with them. I loved the packaging on this, it reminded me of my YSL love, but it was also rose gold, so yay. I have to say though after a few days of using this I'm not actually overly impressed with it, the coverage is a bit thin and it doesn't illuminate at all, just blends into the background really (maybe because I'm so pale). I don't think I'll be picking this up again but I'm keen to find a high street dupe so let me know if you may know of one!

I use this powder aaaaaall the time, I love the coverage and although I know it's not for everyone, but it's just so quick and easy I will always have one close to hand when the dreaded acne makes a reappearance. Unfortunately there isn't actually a shade of this that's pale enough for me, but I get the palest one I can and then have to consequently fake tan to be the same colour as my face.

Another foundation that I live by. Between this and my Bourjois Healthy Mix I won't touch another foundation. My Healthy Mix foundation is great for lighter days but as a sufferer of occasional, dreaded, shameful acne I always need a foundation that can offer me a lot more coverage and boy does this foundation do that- but surprisingly feels so lightweight and doesn't get that cakey look we all avoid! The thing I love the most about this foundation is that after a particularly messy night out when I forget to grab a face wipe I don't wake up with a breakout and a week of punishment from my skin. 

I love these Maybelline cream shadows just as a base to start working my shadow on. I hadn't yet got these colours into my collection which is shocking as I love a bronze smokey eye. So I picked these bad boys up and I can't wait to play around with the pink one and see what kind of look can be achieved.

My favourite lip liner ever. I mean ever. And this combined with my cheeky purchase below have made for my favourite lip combo. This is the nude shade and the colouring is spot on for my skin tone. I will always have one.. Or 5 of these creeping about in my lip pot.

I finally bought it, this lipstick has featured in two of my wishlists now and I finally found it in stock. Happy days! I love it, I practically haven't taken it off of my lips. I would recommend this highly to anyone, I am definitely going to go and pick it up in every colour.

See you lovelies in my next post.
               - Ams xo
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