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Winter Lips | Keeping them Hydrated ft. Revlon | Beauty

So it's the end of November- December is upon us (where has this year gone?!) this means the frost is slowly creeping in and snow will be caking the pavements in no time (please, please, please!) And with this cold weather everyone seems to be rotating their skincare regime, me especially, I have combination skin, which is a total nightmare especially in the winter when it will go all oily on me one day and completely dry the next! So frustrating! But the part of all of us that gets hit the worst (for me anyway!) is your lips. They always manage to get all dry and cracked and more scaly than a dragon. Or at least they used to be..
I used to work in Boots and last year I went over to our Beauty consultant all angry and upset because I couldn't find a solution to my cracked lips. I'd tried Vaseline, Carmex, Nivea, you name it I had been lathering it on, but as much as they did keep my lips hydrated for a while I would find as the day went on they would just crack and I'd continually add product. This is all well and good but what about lipstick! I mean it's winter!! I need my berry lips but that was quite unattainable when I was constantly slapping Vaseline all over my face!
So Kate was my saving grace and she pointed me over to the No7 counter and picked up a bottle of Protect & Perfect Lip care. At the time boots had out their £5 off skin care vouchers so I picked up a tube for around £2 with my discount, would be around £4 for you muggles, and I haven't looked back since. I applied a small amount to my lips and within 5 minutes I could literally feel my lips sucking up all the moisture goodness. Oh I was so excited, yay plump and hydrated lips finally. I never would have thought of buying an anti-aging lip balm but now I would never go back to anything else, it's such a fabulous product at such a reasonable price too!

I use this tube twice a day at morning and night times, I used to just pop it on whenever they were feeling a bit dry but I had decided that this stuff was gold dust so during the day if my lips do get a bit chapped (Which they never do unless I'm snowboarding) I just pop on a bit of Carmex and I'm good to go. It also smells lovely and tastes okay too, I know that sounds crazy, but for me that's such an important factor when buying lip products, because, well, they're going to be right under your nose the whole day...

Once you've conquered the hydrated lips-scenario then comes lipstick, I really enjoy a matte lip in the winter but finding one that isn't dry and doesn't drag across your lips is a bit of a challenge, but then Revlon released their Colourburst collection last year/start of this year? and it seemed like the perfect solution, they are definitely my go to lipsticks when my lips are a bit dry but I still want a bit of colour! It goes without saying, they will all be accompanying me on my snowboarding trip this year! They come in so many beautiful colours, perfect for winter and summer. I only own one of their lacquer balms but it's safe to say I will definitely be adding to the collection!

I thought I'd pop in a photo showing you how much product you get for your money because that's certainly something I'm always looking for when I'm buying make up.

From L to R- Complex, Elusive, Audacious, Unapologetic, Showy, Standout, Striking and lacquer balm- Vivacious.

Swatches- Vivacious, Striking, Standout, Showy, Unapologetic, Audacious, Elusive & Complex
Although a few of these colours are quite bright and those sort of colours people normally pair with summer, I actually love putting on a bit of bold lippy when the weathers a bit cold, especially when hitting the slopes, brightens up my day! Also I find because I am super pale anyway all the dark purples and reds really make me look like casper!.. Where's that fake tan!

What's your winter lip routine? I'd love to hear any other lipsticks you guys use for a bit of hydration!

Catch you later!

Ams xo

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