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MUA lipsticks | Review & Swatches | Beauty

I am a complete beauty junkie, I have bath, skin, eye, lip products coming out my ears, it drives my family insane and my friends absolutely love it and why not? When it comes to getting ready for a night out my sick obsession actually pays off ;)
So I thought I would put up a couple of reviews over the next few days on my beauty favourites, tips and tricks. Starting with my extensive MUA lipstick collection. MUA is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, just because it is so cheap, I can't help but drool all over a good bargain.
I heard about MUA through a friend if I'm honest. Most of my high street make up is done in boots and so brands like Miss Sporty and MUA were just distant ideas, until I was looking for a really good nude high street lipstick and I just could not settle on one, they were all either too orange or too pink or too matte, I just couldn't find a cheap and cheerful go-to when I wanted a quick nude lip.
And then came Shade 14, oh Shade 14. I think I'm now on my fourth fix of this lipstick because I just can't get enough, it glides on so effortlessly and for my skin tone it is so unbelievably spot on. Heaven in a lipstick tube my friends (okay maybe not quite- but I do love it!) And here it is, here is the best bit people, these lipsticks retail at.. wait for it.. £1!!!! One pound! That is all it costs. BUT, not only that, MUA are now doing a 3 for 2 on ALL LIP PRODUCTS until the 7th December. Oh my, 3 lipsticks for £2?! Bargain Beauty, that's what we like.
Anyway enough of my waffling, on to the actual review!
MUA has two different styles of lipsticks, they have their normal, glossy finish lipsticks (black packaging) and their matte collection (white packaging).
(I got my lipstick holders from Ebay, here)
There is currently 7 shades in the Matte collection, of which I have 5. You can check out the two other shades, Fawn Fancy, here. And Lilac Belle, here.
From L to R- Wild Berry, Scarlet Siren, Pouty Pink, Peachy Keen & Totally Nude.

Swatches- Wild Berry, Scarlet Siren, Pouty pink, Peachy Keen & Totally Nude.
 I am not a massive fan of the matte collection if I'm quite honest, you really have to build the colour up and I find they drag across your lips when you're applying them, for me a really good matte lipstick needs to glide on, be really pigmented and have great staying power, but I find the MUA ones do none of these for me and so I find myself never reaching for these lipsticks.
But it's okay because what it lacks for in the matte collection it makes up for in the normal lipsticks! :)
There are 20 shades in this collection covering all your basics, nudes, pinks, reds, browns & purples. I own shades 1-16 in this collection, the other 4 you can view, Raven (great for Halloween!) here, Flamingo here, Persian Rose here and Tulip here. (rest assured, I've requested these shades to appear in my stocking this year- thanks Santa!)
These are named by numbers with exception to the new 4 shades & shades 16, 15 and 14 who also have names as well as a number. It's all a bit confusing really, I rather like it when they all have either a number or a name or both. But I'm just being fussy..
Browns & Corals.
My battered Shade 14 in the middle there...
Swatches, from L to R- Number 16 (Nectar), Number 15 (Juicy), Number 14 (Bare), Number 10, Number 2
 The Pinks
From L to R- Shade 3, Shade 3 again (woops), Shade 12 & Shade 7
Swatches- Shade 3, Shade 12 & Shade 7
Swatches, from L to R- Shade 6, Shade 5 & Shade 4 
Little shout out to shade number 6 here, I absolutely love it, it's so pretty and glittery and such a nice colour! But I have to say Shade 4 is the only colour I'm really unhappy with, I was so excited because it looks like it would come out all bright and Barbie pink, but it strikes me as more of a lip-balm-like colour, not very pigmented at all.
Reds & Purples
L to R, Shade 13, Shade 8, Shade 1, Shade 11, Shade 9
Swatches, Top to Bottom, Shade 13, Shade 8, Shade 1, Shade 11 & Shade 9

These are all my absolute favooooourite shades from the collection at the moment, I mean just look at them! - They scream winter, I love it >:) The ones I'm loving the most at the moment are Shades 8, 11 and 9. Pretty berry colours and sparkles, what more could you want.
So there are the swatches of my lurvereeeeely MUA lipsticks, I have to say for £1 I'm always impressed, their staying power isn't great but they're so easy to chuck in your handbag and reapply as and when needed that I'm not bothered by it in the slightest!
The packaging is plain and simple, I love that its so easy to see the colours, makes the selection process so much easier! It's by no means a luxurious packaging, but it does the job and it's what's on the inside that counts ;)
All in all I think they're a good buy, perfect as stocking fillers/secret Santa presents when you're working with a budget! So hop along to your nearest Superdrug or have a little look online and go crazy my friends. (Now would be a good time to point out their blushes are also £1 and super yummy and pigmented- not that I'm encouraging you to buy more or anything!)
Do you have any MUA lipsticks? I'd love to hear what you guys make of them!
Catch you later,
Ams xo

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