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One and a half days in Krakow - let's do this.
Emma and I arrived at our hotel at around half 2, we were super hungry having been running on empty since 5 o'clock that morning. But this was soon forgotten once we chucked down our bags and continued our colossal catch up, seeing as we hadn't properly seen each other since we returned from our travels in Europe in the summer.  And so before we know it, it's gone three and with such limited time in Krakow we hardly wanted to spend our precious time staring at the inside of hotel walls.
So we were up, refreshed and ready to rediscover this beautiful city.
Having wandered round the square for about an hour our tummies were really starting to growl for some food and so (with no hesitation) we headed over to the restaurant Wesele on the Main Square. I had previously read on Mollie Bylett's blog about her time in Krakow, in an attempt to grab some recommendations off of her, and this restaurant she rated very highly and of course I totally trust her cause she is a complete foodie like me.
Oh and we couldn't have got it more right.
The restaurant was beautiful, it reminded me of a classic European ski chalet with all the wood features and gorgeous red colours dashed all around. It was quite busy when we went there which is pretty surprising because we were so hungry we dived in at 5. All the waiters/waitresses were lovely and we were seen to so quickly. So with a bottle of prosecco gracing our table we further perused the menu to sample the delicacies Poland has to offer.    
Here's my biggest weakness- if someone eats somewhere and says a dish is amazing, I must absolutely without a doubt sample it for myself and so far it has always worked out amazing for me and why should this be any different right? So following Mollies example, both me and Emma ordered the chicken breast stuffed with plums served on a bed of creamy garlic spinach, which was just heaven, followed by apple pie with some ice cream. Oh I had no problems finishing off every last mouthful. Poland is very cheap in general to those of us who live in England but I do have to say this meal was quite expensive, although I definitely would have expected to pay a lot more in London for a meal of this quality, in Krakow this was pretty pricey, but given it's location and stunning food I had no qualms with forking out for this evening.
After we had sufficiently stuffed our face & regained our energy we wandered round the square again and we stumbled across a jazz bar called Harris Piano Jazz Bar, we are both massive lovers of jazz and cocktails (I don't know if they actually served cocktails but they definitely look like a spot that would!) and we saw they had a show on at 9:30 that evening, us getting classically excited at the thought of listening to some amazing musicians over a couple of drinks in a basement club of one of the most beautiful cities.
So we had decided to trek back to our hotel and laze around for a bit before venturing out again for some music. Unfortunately I had been very ill recently and had only just started to shift it before heading out to Poland and I had not eaten a proper meal in almost a week - not a good idea. Alas I started feeling super rough and subsequently panicking because we were booked in to go on a tour round Auschwitz very early the next morning and I did not want to be overly tired and feeling any more emotional than I was bound to be feeling anyway.
So I did the boring grown up thing and suggested we just have a girly-face-pack-night-in instead and so we stopped off at Carrefour and picked up some face masks and chocolate and a packed lunch for tomorrow cause we were unsure whether we would get the opportunity to eat.
Now, if you ever find yourself in Poland and you're going on a days outing and your hotel offer you a packed lunch for 5 Euro - don't take it. Instead head down to the local supermarket, which is what myself and Emma did, and we managed to get two sandwiches, two raspberry ice teas, one big bottle of water, a big bag of crisps, a big bar of Milka and some Milka cake bars (5 to be exact) this all came to 17 zloty - 17 zloty! That's £3.19 back home for two people to eat lunch. Practically £1.55 each for more food than we could manage! Bargain. I love Poland.
Thanks for reading :)
Ams xo 


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