Monday, 10 November 2014

Blogging Newbie Alert | Life

Hey guys, as I'm sure you can tell I am new to this whole blogging shin-dig, hence the bog standard template and immediate writers block... (don't panic though, I have some ideas!) I guess I should really start by introducing myself..
My name is Amy and I am 19 years of age although I'm pretty sure it's more accurate to say I pick and chose between acting about 6 years old and then abruptly swinging round and spouting a load of crap advice as though I were actually in my 60s and a very wise and cultured person, my friends are so good for putting up with this, especially Emma who knows how irritating I am more than most! (hey Ems!). I absolutely adore travelling, a love that has taken hold of me the past year, definitely sparking from my interrailing trip in the summer. I am a self confessed shopaholic, resulting in a ridiculously extensive wardrobe and enough make up and beauty products to last a lifetime, but yet the collections are still growing.
Oh and I'm completely obsessed with my fat ginger Garfield look-a-like, Tigger.
See. Totally Beautiful. (The cat.. Not my scary face..)


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